The 12 Advantages of Basben Trailers
  1. Transport more
  The tare does not become heavier when stringers and other necessary reinforcements for trailers are included.
  2. Transport better
  The centre of gravity is located 30 cm lower and load is self-centred thanks to its U-shaped concept.
  3. Transport cheaper
  Fuel and tyres are economized while there is more stability because of greater useful load capacity (1 to 3 tons).
  4. Transport everything
  From gravel to 5 or 6 ton rocks.
  5. Transport longer
  The trailer lasts longer because it benefits from the use of advanced technology giving it great shock and abrasion resistance.
  6. Loads quickly
  The racks are 30cm lower.
  7. Unloads quickly
  The load slides off the trailer without any problem and doesn’t stick to the floor.
8. Transport all the time
  9. More comfort
  Much smoother driving thanks to a more stable load (lower and self-centred). Safe and easy unloading thanks to the back door and the hydraulic lowering and lifting controlled from the cabin.
  10. Better performance
  Quickness, reliability, productivity, multipurposed. You’ve chosen the best material (and the best looking) to satisfy your customers. They will value that.
  11. Greater stability and safer unloading
  Thanks to a hydraulic cylinder positioned over the hooking area, unloading is safer, avoiding unexpected problems.
  12. Greater stability in the hydraulic piston
  A reduction in the length of the equipment means more stability. With Basben Trailers you save time and money and gain safety and the pleasure of working.
  Technical Information
  Chassis Section I stringers in ST 52.3 Steel
  * Box Rounded box made with highly resistant steel plates Back door opens vertically and closes automatically with safety catch Chromed jack with 4 extensions
  * Mechanical or pneumatic suspension
  SAF or BPW axles
  * Brake system Disk or Cylinder
  * Tyres Single or double wheel with 2 or 3 axles
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